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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rubber Band Bracelets The New Fad

Have you heard of the new craze that has hit the schools? Rubber band bracelets. Really? When my daughters first told me they wanted me to buy these animal bracelets, I thought to myself how cute. Bracelets that are in the shape of animals? I might like this. I might even wear one myself. Of course, I like fun cute things.

So, after hearing for a week that the only place to get these popular bracelets was at Stonebriar, which I hate going to, I finally broke down and took them. Only to get there and see an empty kiosk with one rude man talking on the phone refusing to acknowledge us. After walking around the kiosk 4 times I did get to see one of the bands in a display case and my thoughts were, REALLY? I am going to spend money on this? These bands looked something like a 3 yr. old created. I looked at my kids and said, "you want this?" "These are silly and cheap." I could make these. Then I quickly remembered I wasn't spending money on this, my children were using their own money. I couldn't deny them what they wanted with the money they had earned, right? I mean who am I to judge what they want to buy with their money earned when I buy what I want, pedicures :D.

Wait! I can judge I am their mom! I quickly got a hold of myself and realized I am their mom and I can guide them into making purchases that are meaningful. So, after convincing them these were silly we left the kiosk only to find another silly toy, a fuzzy, squirmy thing on a string. Yep! Now that was a meaningful purchase! Okay, maybe not but it sure beats a bunch of rubber band bracelets.

The bracelet hunt didn't die down after I thought we cured the quest with a silly fuzzy toy. For the next week I found my kids coming home with rubber bracelets that their friends had duplicates of. More and more each day. "Mom, can we buy gum?" I thought man these children eat a lot of gum lately. Come to find out they were trading gum for bracelets. I also noticed an increase in my daughter's motivation to attend swim practices and get to school early. I was baffled and excited that my girls had finally found the meaning behind a good education and exercise.

Right? Noooooooooo!!!! The motivation was the rubber bracelets they were trading and collecting! Not me and my exceptional parenting skills. It was just these silly rubber bracelets driving the motivation.

Luckily my girls proved to me at a swim meet the next week that they earned a trip to Walgreens, who now carry these silly things. After the bang up meet they had I took them there and we purchased our first set of rubber bracelets. Hey, I guess I couldn't complain they were cheap. As I mom I like cheap entertaining toys.

The best part of this is something I thought was so silly and a waste has turned into a huge addiction. I even get to wear the "extra" bracelets because you know mom has to look cool too! I catch my kids showing off their arms now at the gas station to the kids in the next car.

So here I am on the hunt for these silly bracelets because every store seems to be out of them and all the stores know exactly what I am looking for. Last night after hitting three stores the person in front of me was already asking my question, "do you have them?" I don't even have to ask when I walk in to a store now because these things are so popular that I can assure you someone right before you is asking.

Everyday is a new day about what cool animal they have on their arm. I also hear what cool animal such and such is going to give them. Then I get to hear the negotiating between the two of them on who wants what rubber bracelet. Oh, and how they want to get to practice early because Jessica is going to trade a polar bear for a parrot.

This hot new craze has a silver lining for me as a mom. The good news is.....my girls don't miss swim practice anymore and they are motivated to go to school everyday for the fear they might miss out on a good trade. Awwww......gotta love the rubber bracelets and the fact that I get the leftovers. So my arm basically has the not so cool ones. Hmm....maybe I should start the adult craze over these!

Rubber band bracelets

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